DPC for Patients with Chronic Disease and Disabilities

DPC for Patients with Chronic Disease and Disabilities

Article Attribution: This is an from an article from John Locke Foundation
Original Author:  Katherine Restrepo

An increased use of the innovative health care delivery model called Direct Primary Care could lead to better outcomes for treatment of patients with chronic diseases, and that could mean cutting the incidence and severity of disabilities, according to this John Locke Foundation Policy Report.

For the nation’s health care system to slow the growth of health care spending and better manage the prevalence of chronic disease and its association with disabilities, patients need better access to health care, writes report author Katherine Restrepo, Director of Health Care Policy at the John Locke Foundation. In turn, providers need the flexibility to spend more time with their patients. By analyzing data, Restrepo makes the case that Direct Primary Care has a good record of addressing these concerns.

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