Direct Primary Care

Caring for Patients One at a Time

What is Direct Primary Care?

DPC offers unique and personal access to an Internal Medicine primary care service provider on a one-on-one basis. This type of care allows patients to receive more personalized service and extended visits that are typically not experienced in a hospital or clinical medical environment that bases it service model on a traditional fee-for-service approach. Instead, patient members of a DPC practice gain access to a physician who has a smaller patient profile and thereby has more time to spend getting to know each individual served as well as their unique medical and healthcare needs.

Additionally, patient members of a DPC practice are able to access enhanced levels of medical care at an affordable, transparent rate and without having to deal with insurance billing processes or the traditional red tape and bureaucracy experienced in medical administration settings. There is no need to deal with co-pays or deductibles when one partners with a DPC practice—and worry about unpredictable and unexpected out-of-pocket costs is eliminated.

Finally, DPC practices are more affordable than the Concierge Model of Medicine, which bills an insurance company for covered services, and still offers dedicated and personalized access 24/7 to an experienced and knowledgeable physician.

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Why Choose MyMD Direct?

When you make the decision to partner with MyMD Direct, you will benefit through your direct 24/7 access to Dr. David B. Mabry, a board-certified Internal Medicine physician with over 24 years of experience in hospital-affiliated practice. At MyMD Direct, patient members receive tailored medicine and personalized one-on-one service that meets their individual needs. Additionally, patient members receive comprehensive medical care in the form of extended and unrushed same day or next day appointments, home and office visits, a complete yearly physical and lab work at no additional charge, and direct access to Dr. Mabry via his personal cell phone, text, email, and virtual visits (Skype and Facetime).

MyMD Direct also boasts an affordable monthly rate for services that will fit into any budget as well as wholesale pricing on medications and other services that are arranged by Dr. Mabry on your behalf. Ultimately, when you are a patient member of MyMD Direct, you will build a relationship with a physician who has more time to spend with you, is committed to learning about your unique medical and health needs, and who isn’t worried about cramming in as many patients as possible to meet bureaucratic quotas or insurance company billing targets.

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What is DPC?

Direct Primary Care provides for comprehensive access to primary care medical services by means of a transparent, affordable pricing model.

Membership Plans

We have comprehensive primary care medical plans available for a variety of client needs, including single men or women, couples, and family groups.


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