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Pharmacogenomics is the study of how an individual’s genes may impact their response to prescribed medications or drugs. Pharmacogenetic testing involves mapping of an individual’s genes and determining the presence, absence, or excess of genetic pathways used to metabolize medications. There are certain genetic abnormalities that are proven to increase a patient’s risk of particular side effects from certain medications. Pharmacogenetic testing can provide valuable insight and guidance into which medication is chosen for an individual’s medical needs. Prior to the availability of this testing, medication choices were primarily based on trial and error in the context of physician experience.

MyMD Direct offers Admera Health’s PGX One Plus test on a saliva sample.This sample will provide information including 50 genes that may impact the following categories:

  • Cardiology (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood thinners, diuretics, anti-arrhythmic agents, and anti-anginal agents)
  • Infectious Disease (antibiotics, antimalarial drugs, HIV medications, and hepatitis treatments)
  • Psychiatry (anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADD, insomnia, and psychosis)
  • Pain Management (anti-inflammatories, opioids, muscle relaxers)
  • Neurology (seizure medications, anti-migraine medications, etc)
  • Gastroenterology (nausea and vomiting, heartburn)
  • Oncology or cancer treatments

The test results will be interpreted in the context of a patient’s personal experience with medications and their complete medical history.

The genetic results from the testing can be a helpful resource throughout an individual’s life in directing future therapies.

Dr. Mabry gives one instance of a patient who was on 5 blood pressure medications. Through pharmacogenetic testing with PGX One Plus, a single medication was identified that could be metabolized normally by the patient. The patient was able to stop all 5 previous medications and get excellent blood pressure control with the one medication identified through this testing.

Candidates for
Pharmacogenomics Testing

  1. MyMD Direct Members are offered PGX One Plus testing when the individual is experiencing an uncontrolled condition or require multiple medications for one of the conditions listed above.
  2. Non-Members of MyMD Direct may be seen in consultation at the request of the patient or their current treating provider for a one-time fee of $299, which includes 2 visits (one for taking the patient’s history and saliva sample and the second visit to give the patient a portfolio of the results with a thorough explanation/discussion of the findings) along with a letter of recommendations to the patient’s current provider. The two visits do not include any physical exam, assessment, evaluation, or treatment of medical complaints, or prescribing/adjusting medications for that patient. Final decisions on treatment will be left to the patient’s treating physician.

Consultation for pharmacogenetic testing does not establish any sort of ongoing or continued patient-physician relationship with Dr. Mabry.

Any patient seen in consultation at the request of their primary care physician cannot be accepted as a member of MyMD Direct without consent from that individual’s treating and referring physician.

Individuals that May Benefit

from Pharmacogenomics Testing

  1. Patients who take muliple medications for the same or different conditions. Termed “polypharmacy” in the medical community, it is a situation that impacts over 40% of older adults who live at home.
  2. People who lack of effective therapy for a particular condition. For example, 38% of individuals do not metabolize anti-depressants properly and thus leads to a lack of efficacy.
  3. Patients who wish to reduce medical costs by identifying ineffective therapies. For example, sometimes patients are treated with multiple blood pressure medications without ending initial therapy.
  1. Individuals who seek to reduce the number of of clinical visits they experience related to dose adjustments. This type of testing could help identify appropriate medication levels based on metabolic pathways.
  2. People who wish to have better medical information as it pertains to available or best medications based upon their own unique needs should a new condition arise down the road.


Costs include MyMD charges for administering the test plus Admera charges for processing the test.

Members: $100  /  Non-Members: $299

Admera charges:

  1. No additional charges for individuals with basic Medicare part B, payment is accepted from Medicare.
  2. No additional charges for Individuals with health insurance which has out of network benefits. No deductibles or copays must be met for the testing. Admera accepts the payment allowed by the individual’s insurance.
  3. Maximum out of pocket for other individuals with no insurance or do not fit either of the above categories is $349.

Admera will notify patient of any out of pocket costs before processing their test. Should the patient not wish to proceed with testing based on these charges, the test will not be performed and $150 of the payment given to MyMD direct will also be refunded.

Below are three (3) forms for you to fill out
prior to your Pharmacogenomics appointment.

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Medical Necessity — Documentation

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