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From general health to chronic disease

MyMD Direct offers high-quality independent and personal primary care with an allegiance only to our patients.

From internal medicine to chronic diseases, you should be well covered with our practice areas. If there is a particular area you are interested in, and it is not listed, please bring it to our attention to discuss.

Primary Care — Internal Medicine

Primary Care Internal Medicine

With 20+ years of experience in the field,Dr. Mabry applies his clinical expertise and scientific knowledge for preventive care as well as compassionate management of both acute and chronic disease in adults.

Precision Care — Pharmacogenetics

Precision Care Pharmacogenetics

Utilizing Admera Health’s PGX One Plus testing, patients are offered a unique insight into how their genetic metabolic pathways play a role in their ability to respond to a prescribed medication and whether side effects may be a greater concern.



Dr. Mabry routinely evaluates/treats patients for heart disease and associated risk. Non-invasive vascular screening with CT Cardiac Calcium Scoring allows for early detection and helps determine the need for aggressive risk factor modification.



Dr. Mabry evaluates and treats adult patients with a known history or suspicion of attention deficit disorder. When previous medications have failed to be effective or side effects are intolerable, pharmacogenetic testing can be helpful in guiding the choice of therapy.

Depression — Anxiety

Depression Anxiety

Whether at your yearly physical exam or at a sick visit, Dr. Mabry understands and compassionately addresses depression and anxiety as it impacts an individual’s overall health. Pharmacogenetic testing can be extremely helpful when choosing the proper medication for treatment.

Asthma / Allergies

Asthma / Allergies

No matter if a patient suffers from seasonal allergies, has concerns about food sensitivities, or is in need of asthma care, Dr. Mabry is able to evaluate and treat both temporary (acute) and chronic conditions.

Testosterone — Therapy

Testosterone Therapy

Dr. Mabry has more than 20 years of experience evaluating and treating patients for signs and symptoms of low testosterone. Treatments offered include both injectable and topical therapy.

STD Screening — PrEP Therapy

STD Screening PrEP Therapy

Taking into consideration the sensitive nature of this topic, Dr. Mabry offers confidential counseling and screening for sexually transmitted diseases. When appropriate, he also offers pre-exposure prophylactic (PReP) therapy for HIV.



Dedicated to prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, Dr. Mabry routinely screens individuals at risk for bone loss with bone density testing or DEXA scans. These tests provide an assessment of an individual’s risk of future fractures with treatment recommendations aimed at reducing this risk.

Cancer Screenings

Cancer Screenings

Dr. Mabry routinely provides education, guidance, and discussion with individual’s regarding the need for age-appropriate or family history related cancer screenings. Recommendations are made based on national guidelines.

Routine — Gynecological Care

Routine Gynecological Care

Routine gynecological care, breast exams, and acute concerns are evaluated by Dr. Mabry upon request. For individuals with a more complicated gynecological history such as HPV or more serious concerns, referrals are made to a trusted colleague who specializes in monitoring these conditions.

Future Services

Future Services

We will continue to add to our menu of services and welcome suggestions. Some future services include cosmetic procedures.

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