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Why Membership is Important

When you are seeking access to healthcare that truly puts your unique needs first, it is hard not to become frustrated with traditional medical models. And it is that reason alone why membership with MyMD Direct, which follows the DPC model, makes all the difference.

As a member of MyMD Direct, you are automatically entitled to certain privileges and benefits, all while paying a low and affordable monthly rate. Perks of membership include 24/7 direct access to Dr. Mabry via his cell phone as well as email, texts, and virtual visits. You will also enjoy extended visits that are never rushed—you will truly feel heard and have time to talk about your medical concerns. Plus, same and next day appointments as well as house/work calls are available. Your membership includes a comprehensive yearly physical exam and lab work at no additional cost. You will also receive help and advocacy from Dr. Mabry regarding any needed specialty care coordination.

Finally, membership also means that your days of paying for co-pays and deductibles are over—and you no longer have to fear unexpected or out-of-pocket costs associated with traditional healthcare models and insurance companies that treat you like a number, and not a person.

Membership Plans & Pricing

Direct Primary Care health plans designed to best suit your personal needs.



  • Age 18-39: $80 / month
  • Age 40-64: $90 / month
  • Age 65 +: $100 / month
  • * Initial Registration Fee per individual of $100
Couples & Families

Couples & Families

  • Age 18-39: $140/month – Per couple
  • Age 40-64: $160/month – Per couple
  • Age 65 +: $180/month – Per couple
  • * Initial Registration Fee of $150 per couple.
  • * Reduced rates available for additional family members.
Small Business

Small Business

  • Age 18-39: $80/month – Per employee
  • Age 40-64: $90/month – Per employee
  • Age 65 +: $100/month – Per employee
  • * Registration fee waived with a one year contract

Membership Includes

  • Annual comprehensive physical exam with sex and age appropriate labs.
    (up to $850 value per person).
  • Sick visits and chronic disease management follow up visits with no copays or deductibles.
  • Convenient 24/7 direct access to Dr. Mabry by phone, text, email, virtual visits, and/or same or next day office visits.
  • Little to no wait time upon arrival to the office for appointments. Limited exposure to others as appointments are staggered to prevent overlapping of patients in the office at one time.
  • Healthcare delivered by your own private, independent, and compassionate Internal Medicine primary care provider with over 20 years of experience in the Charlotte NC healthcare community. As your advocate, Dr. Mabry makes sure that if required, you are referred to the specialist that best meets your needs, instead of being driven by administrators and quotas.
  • House calls and accompanying patients to specialist visits upon necessity and availability.
  • Relaxed and extended visits focused on developing a strong patient physician relationship allowing time for thorough investigation of presenting complaints, clear explanation of any planned diagnostic evaluation, and detailed recommendations for treatment.
  • Access to transparent and cost-conscious pricing for the following:
    • Acute and chronic medications, which are dispensed at wholesale prices. *
      (Please note that controlled or addictive medications are not kept or dispensed from the office.)
    • Wholesale lab prices up to 90% less than standard insurance prices. *
    • Imaging (radiology) studies which are at least 50% less than insurance prices. *
    • In-office procedures (e.g. skin biopsy, skin tag removal, etc) are typically priced 50 to 75% less than insurance prices for the same procedure.

* These prices are for members who lack coverage, have high deductible health insurance plans, or those who choose to utilize these benefits.

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What is DPC?

Direct Primary Care provides for comprehensive access to primary care medical services by means of a transparent, affordable pricing model.

Membership Plans

We have comprehensive primary care medical plans available for a variety of client needs, including single men or women, couples, and family groups.


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