Direct Primary Care May be the Link to the ‘Fourth Aim’ of Healthcare

Direct Primary Care May be the Link to the ‘Fourth Aim’ of Healthcare

Article Attribution: This is an from an article from Medical Economics
Original Author:  Kimberly Legg Corba, DO and Michael Watson, MD

A new study shows that DPC clinicians may have found the key to reducing burnout and returning a focus to patients.
As burnout and job dissatisfaction rises among U.S. physicians, many have investigated switching to a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model as a form of relief. The alternative to traditional fee-for-service billing is seen by many as a way to refresh careers and return more of an office visit’s focus to the patient.

In 2015, the average monthly fee for DPC was $77.38, this compares to $182.76 for concierge medical practices, according to The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. This typically covers unrestricted next day or same day appointments, prolonged visits, direct communication via text, email, phone, virtual visits, and access to greatly discounted ancillaries such as in-house generic medications, labs, and imaging.

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