How do I learn more about MyMD Direct?

How do I learn more about MyMD Direct?

After reading the materials on the website, patients are invited to arrange a time to visit the practice and meet Dr. Mabry to discuss any questions or concerns.   Appointments can be scheduled by calling 704-529-9149.

During your visit to MyMD Direct, you will have the opportunity to tour the office, ask any questions you have about your particular situation, discuss applicable rates based on your needs and expectations for utilization of the services offered, and obtain a membership if you desire.

It should be noted that these site visits are free and do not involve treatment or the establishment of a physician-patient relationship unless a membership contract is fully completed and executed.

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What is DPC?

Direct Primary Care provides for comprehensive access to primary care medical services by means of a transparent, affordable pricing model.

Membership Plans

We have comprehensive primary care medical plans available for a variety of client needs, including single men or women, couples, and family groups.


Want to learn more about how DPC works and the benefits and perks?
Check out our helpful FAQ page!

Request a Free Consultation

Fill out the form below to request a call-back, to schedule a free consultation.  Or you call us directly at the phone number shown here.