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EMSCULPT NEO reduces fat by 30% and increase muscle by 25% on average. You can sculpt your abdomen, buttocks, arms and legs. This innovative solution is first of its kind to simultaneously treat both muscle and fat to dramatically change the tone and appearance of the treated area. EMSCULPT NEO delivers radio frequency to destroy fat and a HIFEM® procedure to stimulate muscle in the treatment area. By delivering optimal energy in a short period of time, we can now give you more results and confidence in less time and for less costs.

Why Choose MyMD Direct?

When you make the decision to partner with MyMD Direct, you will benefit through your direct 24/7 access to Dr. David B. Mabry, a board-certified Internal Medicine physician with over 24 years of experience in hospital-affiliated practice. At MyMD Direct, patient members receive tailored medicine and personalized one-on-one service that meets their individual needs. Additionally, patient members receive comprehensive medical care in the form of extended and unrushed same day or next day appointments, home and office visits, a complete yearly physical and lab work at no additional charge, and direct access to Dr. Mabry via his personal cell phone, text, email, and virtual visits (Skype and Facetime).

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What is DPC?

Direct Primary Care provides for comprehensive access to primary care medical services by means of a transparent, affordable pricing model.

Membership Plans

We have comprehensive primary care medical plans available for a variety of client needs, including single men or women, couples, and family groups.


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